Join team Taronga and go turtle-y wild to help make a difference for the majestic marine turtle!

Australia is famously girt by sea, but our stunning oceans are increasingly under threat.  Rising sea temperatures, plastic pollution and overfishing are affecting our wildlife.  Six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles are found in Australian waters and two are now on the critically endangered list.  Unless we act right now, we could soon lose one of Australia’s most ancient and remarkable marine species.   Marine turtles are a vital species in the maintenance of a healthy ocean.




RUN WILD and help ensure a thriving future for our oceans!

Team Taronga is passionate about the wild.  We know fundraising efforts at City2Surf can make a real difference for endangered and vulnerable species.  Make your run count, commit to raising a minimum of $100 to receive a special Team Taronga running shirt and cap.   Run wild and continue your fundraising journey to receive exclusive prizes.  Become an eco-warrior today!